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― Albert Einstein

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Where do you look when you look when crossing a river?

Day 10:  Insights and foresight

Each day we have sessions, or lectures, on history, philosophy and theory of adult education and then every other day or so we have a review of one of the six tasks that we will be working on over the next several years.  They call them phases.  Each is actually a class AE 500, AE 510, etc.  They will each get a grade and have a certain number of credits attached to them.  They all must be completed, they are required for the course - much like this Foundations Institute I am in right now.

Today we reviewed AE 510.  The Literature Review.  That may sound like a nice little article you might see in a magazine.  Unfortunately, it's not that kind of review.   This is a synthesis of all that we have read up to that point, we are to "weave together" the ideas and themes of the most current and relevant articles, books, thesis, etc.  - that is all that we can find that is relevant to our area of interest. Hopefully, in the process we find (we hope we find) a gap, an area un-researched, or not thoroughly researched.  It will be sometime down the road before I get to this phase.  The reading list that we are compiling now, will be the source material for our Lit. Review later.  It's good they give us a glimpse of where we are headed.

Carol used a great analogy today - she told us of this Japanese saying or story.  She said when you are going to cross a river, you may look across and pick a landmark or a spot to aim for on the other side. You plot out a path across the rocks that you think you'll try. But you can't keep your focus on the landmark on the other side, or you might slip off a rock and fall in as you try to cross. So you must, look down and pay attention to where you are right at that moment and carefully take your steps.  She said you can stop for a moment and look across the river.  When you look up you may realize that you may have gotten off course and need to change your path, so you might make a correction or too. Then you must look down and pay attention to where you are, and do the step immediately in front of you.

I like this analogy so much.  It is so different from the "keep your eye on the prize" or  "focus on where you are headed" kind of advice I have often heard.   You really need to break things down to the immediate and small steps to take you where you want to go and only check in on your direction every now and again.

We also had our first session about RESEARCH.  yeah!  the playground, the fun stuff.  That's what one proff described it as.  Today we were talking about Paradigms.  I loved the lecture and discussion - at last something I am familiar with!!  I'm glad Jim, Sharon, Deb and Deb have always brought this notion to our attention.  You have to know yourself, and know yourself in the work.  What glasses do you view the world with?  What is your world view?  Good questions for everyone to ask themselves.

Try on someone else's glasses for a minute of so - then try on their view point.  :)

The Angus L. Macdonald Library

Quote of the day
"Research is formalized curiosity.  It is poking and prying with a purpose."
Nola Neale Hurston

"Research is seeing, tasting, feeling, being"

1. Looking ahead can cause you to slip today. 
2. Reflection helps me sort and put order to my day and my mind.
3. things that sound too good to be true, sometimes are - like RefWorks.  It sounds fabulous, now if only I could get it to work.  :)

walking: 40 min   cardio: 40 min

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