“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AHHHGGGG - cessories

I am not good with accessories. This is a hard truth I have had to come to terms with. It doesn’t matter if it is sun glasses, watches, jewelry - all are at risk of being misplaced or forgotten. Caring for and being watchful over them adds such an effort to my entire day that for the most part I skip them entirely. Not that I don’t like them, I do. They can be gorgeous, beautiful and add just that sparkle. I like all types of accessories . . . except purses. I don’t like them at all. Most of the time I feel purses are like a monkey hanging off my arm. My problem with accessories in general is that they take time in the morning, it’s one more thing to remember in my day and I lose them.  For example, I am always looking for my keys. My husband even bought me a key chain that beeps when you press the base just to help me find my keys.  I'm hopeless and I have come to accept it. :-)

So knowing this about myself you would think that when the Workplace Walking Challenge came to our office I would have passed on using one of the Northwestern Health Unit’s step counters. This is risky.  Not that I could lose it, but that I will lose it! If you lose it you have to pay $20. Not high stakes, but money is money.  Besides I have my very own talking pedometer . . . course I’d have to find it first.

I wanted to be a part of the team.  I didn’t want to let my team down. I wanted to count my steps and start that road to recovering from my woefully deconditioned state.  I mean I was . . . I am beyond out of shape and being on a team in a competition where we have to count our steps and other activities is exactly the motivation I needed.

Things went well for the first week, as far as not losing the step counter. One week into the challenge and the step counter went missing. I thought and thought. Retracing my day I knew with confidence that it was inside the house somewhere. While narrowing the search was helpful, only one thing could find it. TIDYING UP! That is the no fail way to find a lost item. Clean my house. If you saw my house you would know that this is no small task. Eventually, I did clean up enough to find the darn step counter! That’s what it became known as – “the darn step counter.”

My relief at finding the darn step counter was short lived as within a week it went missing AGAIN! This time after thinking of the travels of my day I realized that it fell off my waist band. This was not good. I had been to the Kenora Library, the Keewatin Library, home for five minutes and was at the pool taking the youngest to swimming lessons when the darn step counter’s disappearance was discovered. I called and texted all over to see if anyone had found “the darn step counter.”

After not finding the darn step counter in the car after swimming lessons I decided to swing by my first after work stop at the Kenora Library. Reasoning that the darn step counter would have most likely fallen off while getting in and out of a car, I thought I’d check the area I parked in. Step counters are small so this was a long shot. I parked and as I was walking towards the library I glanced back and I could not believe my eyes! There was the darn step counter a few yards behind me to my left!!!   As I walked over the thought, “middle of the street, hmmm . . . that can’t be good. But it’s so small what are the odds . . . ” Within a few steps of reaching it I saw the darn step counter was also in a puddle and I thought, “not good”. As I picked the darn step counter up I noticed that the clip didn’t look quite right. With that good feeling of finding something lost slipping away, I flipped it over to see the front cover scratched. With sinking heart I opened to confirm with the evidence of a cracked display screen that in fact the darn step counter had been run over by a car!!

Just my luck. I lose the darn step counter, but  . . .

I find the darn step counter hours after losing it . . .

 in the middle of the street . . .

in a puddle . . .

having been run over by a car.


I should have given it back at the noon hour community walk earlier that day when the impulse struck me to admit my defeat and knack for losing things, but EGO, Ego got in the way!  I am glad I found it because at least it's wasn't due to my scatterbrainedness.  Honest, this was a case of it simply falling off my waistband.

FYI.  To find the darn step counter for this photo I had to tidy my house AGAIN!

While I am out $20 what an eye opener counting my steps was! When I was a stay at home mom in Denver I easily got 10,000 steps on my pedometer. That is the last time I used it, which was 2004. The first couple of days I didn’t do anything extra. I wanted to see what a “normal” days step count was. I was shocked it was less than 4,000 and on a day of all day meetings it was less than 3,000. Keep in mind 10,000 is the goal steps for maintenance, not weight loss or fitness training. No wonder I have gained year after year of having my current job! I need to STEP IT UP!