“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

Monday, April 5, 2010

Number Six - Acrylic on Canvas

Last June my life took on a new adventure when I was reassigned at work to be a part of the community arts programs at KACL. These programs now include Art Partners, Rise to the Rhythm, In the Key of Community and coming soon Community Gardening. I attended an Art Partner session as a participant a couple of years ago - so I have explored doing art a bit. But actually outside of crafting with the kids - I haven't really tried my hand at art since I was in the eighth grade.

Going to work every day being immersed in an atmosphere of art has built in me a desire to try my hand at painting. I have dabbled a bit with acrylic paint on group painting - mostly abstract stuff. A while ago I bought some paint and canvases for the kids. They all love art. So when I went to buy the last set of canvases I bought one for myself. After watching the Art Partner consultants prep canvases, paint, etc. I had an idea. So for the first time in my life I was going to attempt to paint a landscape acrylic on canvas.

As I picked up the canvas I thought of the guy on PBS that I used to watch in amazement. He made it look so easy. ... i wondered how i would do. I decided I would let go! Adopting the Art Partner philosophy I let go of judgement and let go of expectation and just went for it. It was freeing, relaxing.... it was one of those activities that I constantly seek. The ones that require you to be present, that require your whole thought, your whole mind ... that you loose yourself in. Like a meditation. It was so much fun!!

So even though the result to me is irrelevant, here it is.


  1. Love it. This blogger self actualization opportunity is amazing. Way to go. Did you enjoy the process of the painting? It is cool to find something that you are good at, especially when it's untapped.

  2. well, i'm not so sure how "good" i am at it. but i really love it. it feels so freeing... the kind of activity that i forget everything else and i'm all there - physically, mentally and emotionally.

    having set this goal is really pushing me too - i'm not sure if i'll do all 39 before i complete my 39th year, but already i have done some things i've been saying or thinking that i want to do for a very long time. and i'm discovering new things along the way and recognizing things as "never-done-that-before" as they organically happen. this is making things fun. i'm already planning a whole bunch of things to do in my 40th year. :-)