“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Number Five - the world of blogging

Number Five is starting this blog. Being someone who loves story telling - I've always thought blogging was another method to tell a story. So while I've thought of starting many times before, it was just another in the long list of things that I'll get around to ... later sometime.

As always I have to research things a bit first. I love google. It makes everyone smarter. So I googled which blogging site was the best and found a really comprehensive list the 10 best - with a really comprehensive list of criteria. I went to a couple of the sites I was interested in and looked at their features and people who blog on their site. And then I posted the question on Facebook and got some advice there. Wordpress, Blogger and Live journal all seemed pretty comparable. So in the end I just picked one.

Then there was the name.... what should I call this blog? You should know that the naming of my three children was a studious and thoughtful process that took me more than the entire pregnancy. Names for my children was something I had been reflecting on since childhood and an ongoing lifetime list usually had the last page in the journal I was keeping. And after they were born I would spend some time alone with babe discussing with them the name they would be known as for their life. It's pretty huge.

Naming a blog is not nearly so weighty, so after a day and a half it was settled. And I guess here is were I have to give some creative credit to a friend who I brainstormed with. I always think that any idea has more depth, beauty and soundness when it is created not just by one person, but through a process of sharing ideas. So thanks Kurt.

And so Aurora Wanderings was named. Aurora for the night time wonder that I have been lucky enough to see many times in my life. The best night ever was a night with purples, blues, pinks and greens that were dancing directly above us as we lay on our backs and floated in the lake and watched them for a very long time. Another night that really stands out they were that greenish white colour dancing from the northern horizon and arching two-thirds of the way over the entire sky. I look for them always - hoping again to see then in their splendour as I have seen them before. And Wanderings ... well kind of speaks the journey.

So let the blogging begin. :-)

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