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― Albert Einstein

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Number Three - Festival!

On the same weekend we went skating at the Forks we went to Festival du Voaguer! Another regional right of passage I had somehow bypassed until now. I don't know if it was the name, the costumes, the hosts or all the music and snow sculptures, but it felt festive!! And it felt surreal. Stepping into a world of costumed people, speaking French and surrounded by these huge snow sculptures really felt like I was removed from my usual "Ground-Hog Day" repetitive existence.

The kids loved it! They just ran from place to place! And sadly could only peek into the music venue tents. They loved to see every part of the Fort too. Erik took over the photographer duties to compile his own collection of photos of the sculptures.

They had so much fun climbing the "mountain" of snow and going through the snow maze!

And of course, we had to go down the toboggan run! And while I am no faint hearted person, it was kind of nerve racking to go down the toboggan run....the beginning of it is ice. ICE! I think it was kind of luge like. We waited in line for several minutes, the kids anxious and raring to go. Ellie insisted that she go alone. Aggghh! And then Cole said he did - no way! I'll admit I was nervous as I stood at the top and watched Erik go first, by himself. And then I went down with Cole. It was fast!! And bumpy! When we got to the bottom, I only got to feel a flash of relief for our safe end, to turn around and see my baby girl getting on her fast sled. Oh my!! To say I was terrified for her is an understatement and there is nothing like watching your progyny come speeding and bouncing down an ice hill. In my mind I was pleading "hold on to the sled for the bump", "keep your arms in", "don't tip", "please don't break a bone". Ellie is my totally fearless one. At 6 years she did all the roller coasters and rides at Disney World - so the Festival du Voageur toboggan ice run was no big deal to her. However, we didn't stand in line again.

While the event is over now - here's the link - http://festivalvoyageur.mb.ca/wp/.

And remember there is always next year!

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