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― Albert Einstein

Friday, April 2, 2010

Number Four - Qunizee Camping

For the past five years we have made a quinzee - a type of snow hut similar in shape to an igloo, but constructed differently and not as long lasting. This year for the first time, we hauled out the sleeping bags and blankets to make a go of winter "camping". (I think it qualifies even while we were only in our backyard.)

The kids were enthusiastic!! There were 4 who began the night nestled all snug in our winter snow cave. It was a cold, clear night with a bit of a breeze. We got dressed in our winter gear,with many layers underneath that. Got all our sleeping bags and ended up using almost every blanket in the house. Why bother you ask? Simply... we are Canadian. And while the kids have enjoyed playing and having picnics inside their quinzee every year they have been dying to sleep in it! So this was the our first year to try it.

I hate to admit that I was the first to go inside!! I only lasted four and half hours! But in my defense. With every moan or stir of the blankets, I was up! I was up to put Cole's mitts on again. I was up to re-tuck Ellie. I was up to re-secure the door coverings. I was up to go back inside for more clothes and blankets. Up again to redress Ellie as I tried to convince her to sleep inside, that she had done enough outside. She insisted on going out again. And up again to pull Erik's hood over his head. So I can't even really say that I slept much in those 4 1/2 hours. But Jerry joined us a couple hours in, so when I went in he was willing to stay out with the kids. Ellie came in shortly after me. Cole followed less than an hour after her. But when Erik came inside in the morning he announced that it was "the best sleep of his life!" Jerry didn't share his sentiment. :-)

the link below is a site I found with information about quinzee building.


  1. I wonder if Inuit mom's get such bad night sleep?

  2. I think they had better gear and suspect they were a little more relaxed about the kids getting cold. And maybe the kids knew better to cuddle up and bundle up. :)