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Friday, May 21, 2010

Number 19 - a duet

Now I have done a lot of singing in my life - I sing to myself all the time actually. In the car and in the shower, at church, at work, at play ... But it's not very often that I get asked to "perform" for a paying audience. So, I was absolutely honoured and humbled to be asked to sing a duet at the G-Clef Choir and Music Men's Spring Show! I love singing duets, I love the richness and the depth of the harmony. The song was in a challenging key for me - quite high (an F), but it was a beautiful love song called "If"! This song was actually written the year I was born and first sung by the group "Bread". I loved the arrangement we sang and loved the parts when we sang a phrase in unison and then broke into harmony! And my duet partner Pat... she made me sound so good!

We did two shows, I'm not sure how many were in the audience - over 200 each night I'd guess. There are so many talented and beautiful voices in that choir, the people behind me were the first to hear me sing and they were the audience I was most nervous to sing for. But they were all so supportive and encouraging. After I had sung in front of them so many times at rehearsal, singing for the town audience was not nerve racking at all. Rather it was my absolute pleasure and honour to sing for them.

I'm always so sad when a show ends. After so many months of rehearsal and then ... it's over and done. And the songs we sang this year!! So many favourites of mine... it was a really great show and I'm so grateful that in Kenora there exists this amazing choir that I get to sing with!

I wish I could transport you all to see and hear that show! It was great! I absolutely loved every single minute of it!!

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