“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fresh Start

Day One:  Halifax, Antigonish, St, Francis Xavier University

After flying through the night I arrived in Halifax, tired and hungry, but very glad to be here.  Glad the topical storm/hurricane had moved on and the airport had opened.  Glad the little girl who had cried during most of the flight looked happy to be on the ground.   There was a mob of young cadets, dressed in blue, bustling in and out and around the airport.  Despite my exhaustion their energy perked me up.   Most people would have probably sorted out their ground transportation in advance, seeing as how Antigonish is 2.5 hours drive from Halifax, but I don't worry over these small details.  I had thought if there was time I would stay the morning in Halifax and sight-see, the airport is a distance from downtown, and very soon my sole focus was to get to a bed as soon as possible.  Sure enough there was room on the next shuttle and after a short wait I hopped on the stuffy, and slightly smelly, van for the jostling, swift ride to Antigonish.   The high winds rocking the van, a remnant of the yesterday's storm. The countryside was a blur of stumpy, dense forest and vast farms.

The driver dropped me off on campus.  I rallied all my energy to focus on locating O'Regan Hall in the hopes of an early check in and a bed.  Please, a bed!!  It was a windy walk around the Fitness Centre and Oland Stadium, but happily I found O'Regan Hall and the front desk clerk had a room.  A bed!!  Sleep! After letting my loved ones know I had arrived safe and sound, I collapsed on the fresh, white linens of the double bed and slept for 4 hours.

My day had turned into a focus on meeting basic needs. Whether you are dropped on a desert isle, find yourself lost in the bush or arrive in a new town, I guess the first order of business is the same - shelter, food and water. Though at St. Francis Xavier the accommodations are somewhat more posh that a lean-to and food, it turns out is easy to find.  There is even a DQ a 5 minute walk from the residence. (There always seems to be ice cream near a campus!)

Later in the evening I attended orientation at the Coady International Institute, which is funny because I have never been more disoriented trying to locate a building.  I've met some great people already!

I've unpacked, even ironed some clothes, and feel settled. (My mum and husband would be impressed I picked up an iron! Clothes just don't come out of a suitcase like they do out of a hot dryer.)

I feel energized and optimistic - just like the beginning of a new school year - new books, fresh pens, and fresh start.  The start of School is better than ringing in the New Year.      


1. Things are often closer and easier than they seem.
2. Sleep is number one.
3. When you say Antigonish the "t" is almost silent.
(say it like this real fast - Annieg-gonish) 

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