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― Albert Einstein

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Day Four:  Dancing through History and Acting about Power

Today was a good day.  I understood things better.  Perhaps because I am operating under sufficient sleep.   We did some group work today - I got to work with a partner to summarize the history of adult education in Canada from 1920-59.  I learned a great deal.  We were asked to introduce our summary with a short skit - heavily influenced by me, my partner agreed that we represent the decades with dance (charleston, twist, marching), along with explanation of what we were doing.  My partner was a good sport - not ever having done the Charleston before today.

We got to present about the international adult educator we researched the night before.  I had Marjorie Mayo. (check out a video of her here)

We also combined again with the Reflective Practise Masters in Adult Ed group for a lecture on critical thinking/critique this afternoon.  After some group discussion and reflection, we once again had to do a skit (aka "Forum Theatre") to show a situation where you could critically think (aka dialetical analysis) about a situation where we could discuss power (the imbalance between people kind of power dynamics).

I've read alot today.  I'm bushed and off to bed.

my desk. please note the good use of the tv and the falling sticky notes. :(

1. sticky notes from the dollar store do not stick
2. when Dr. English advises to go easy and keep it brief, do that.
3. Antigonish has a nice main street, with some fun shops and good food.

where i sat to each lunch today

Quote for the day

"Small groups of aspiring adults who desire to keep their minds fresh and vigorous; who begin to learn by confronting pertinent situations; who dig down into the reservoirs of their secondary facts; who are led in the discussion by teachers who are also seekers after wisdom and not oracles: this constitutes the setting for adult education the modern quest for life’s meaning."
Eduard C. Lindeman - The Meaning of Adult Education (1926)

Walked: 20 minutes   Cardio: 30 minutes     Pages read: 33   Finished pages written: not a writing day

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